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UE619AT20Z replacement PALL filter element
UE619AT20Z replacement PALL filter element

UE619AT20Z replacement PALL filter element

Payment Type: L/C,T/T,D/P,Paypal,Money Gram,Western Union
Min. Order: 1 Bag/Bags
Delivery Time: 7 Days

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Basic Info

    Model No.: UE619AT20Z

    Material: Chemical Fiber

    Type: Folding Microporous Filter

    Filter Connector: Flat Connector

    Filtration Grade: Medium Filter

    Activated Carbon Filter Type: Compact

    Function: Oil Filter Cartridge

Additional Info

    Packaging: Carton box

    Productivity: 1000pcs/day

    Brand: PALL

    Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

    Place of Origin: China

    Supply Ability: 1000pcs/day

    Certificate: ISO,CE,CQ

    HS Code: 8421999090

    Port: Qingdao,TIANJIN,Shanghai

Product Description

UE619AT20Z replacement Pall Filter element

Model Number: UE619AT20Z

Nominal filtration rating:1-100um

Application:Electronic and pharmaceutical field;hydraulic system;Petrochemicals;Metallurgy

Operating pressure:10-210bar

Filter: Filter

Working temperature: -20-100ºC

Replacement or not: Replacement

UE619AT20Z pall filter element

Other model:
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HC0251FKP10H HC6300FUT13H HC8300FUN26H HC8900FKP35H HC9404FKP26H HC9651FDS8H
HC0251FKS10H HC6300FUT13Z HC8300FUN26Z HC8900FKP39H HC9404FKP26Z HC9651FDS8Z
HC0252FKN10H HC6300FUT16H HC8300FUN39H HC8900FKP39Z HC9404FKP39H HC9651FDT16H
HC0252FKP10H HC6300FUT16Z HC8300FUN39Z HC8900FKP8H HC9404FKP39Z HC9651FDT16Z
HC0252FKS10H HC6300FUT26H HC8300FUN8H HC8900FKP8Z HC9404FKS13H HC9651FDT8H
HC0407FKN4H HC6300FUT26Z HC8300FUN8Z HC8900FKS13H HC9600FDN8Z HC9651FDT8Z
HC0600FKN16H HC6300FUT8H HC8300FUP16H HC8900FKS13Z HC9600FDP13H HC9651FKN16H
HC0600FKP16H HC6300FUT8Z HC8300FUP16Z HC8900FKS16H HC9600FDP13Z HC9651FKN16Z
HC0600FKS16H HC6400FDN13H HC8300FUP26H HC8900FKS16Z HC9600FDP16H HC9651FKN8H
HC0961FKT18H HC6400FDN13Z HC8300FUP26Z HC8900FKS26H HC9600FDP16Z HC9651FKN8Z
HC2196FKN4H50 HC6400FDN16H HC8300FUP39H HC8900FKS26Z HC9600FDP4H HC9651FKP16H
HC2196FKN6H50 HC6400FDN16Z HC8300FUP39Z HC8900FKS39H HC9600FDP4Z HC9651FKP16Z
HC2196FKP4H50 HC6400FDN26H HC8300FUP8H HC8900FKS39Z HC9600FDP8H HC9651FKP8H
HC2196FKP6H50 HC6400FDN26Z HC8300FUP8Z HC8900FKS8H HC9600FDP8Z HC9651FKP8Z
HC2196FKS4H50 HC6400FDN8H HC8300FUS16H HC8900FKS8Z HC9600FDS13H HC9651FKS16H
HC2196FKS6H50 HC6400FDN8Z HC8300FUS16Z HC8900FKT13H HC9600FDS13Z HC9651FKS16Z
HC2196FKT4H50 HC6400FDP13H HC8300FUS26H HC8900FKT13Z HC9600FDS16H HC9651FKS8H
HC2196FKT6H50 HC6400FDP13Z HC8300FUS26Z HC8900FKT16H HC9600FDS16Z HC9651FKS8Z
HC2206FKN3H HC6400FDP16H HC8300FUS39H HC8900FKT16Z HC9600FDS4H HC9651FKT16H
HC2206FKN6H HC6400FDP16Z HC8300FUS39Z HC8900FKT26H HC9600FDS4Z HC9651FKT16Z
HC2206FKN8H HC6400FDP26H HC8300FUS8H HC8900FKT26Z HC9600FDS8H HC9651FKT8H
HC2206FKP3H HC6400FDP26Z HC8300FUS8Z HC8900FKT39H HC9600FDS8Z HC9651FKT8Z
HC2206FKP6H HC6400FDP8H HC8300FUT16H HC8900FKT39Z HC9600FDT13H HC9651FUN16H
HC2206FKP8H HC6400FDP8Z HC8300FUT16Z HC8900FKT8H HC9600FDT13Z HC9651FUN16Z
HC2206FKS3H HC6400FDS13H HC8300FUT26H HC8900FKT8Z HC9600FDT16H HC9651FUN8H
HC2208FKT6H HC6400FDS13Z HC8300FUT26Z HC8900FUN13H HC9600FDT16Z HC9651FUN8Z
HC2216FKN14H HC6400FDS16H HC8300FUT39H HC8900FUN13Z HC9600FDT4H HC9651FUP16H
HC2216FKN4H HC6400FDS16Z HC8300FUT39Z HC8900FUN16H HC9600FDT4Z HC9651FUP16Z
HC2216FKN6H HC6400FDS26H HC8300FUT8H HC8900FUN16Z HC9600FDT8H HC9651FUP8H
HC2216FKN8H HC6400FDS26Z HC8300FUT8Z HC8900FUN26H HC9600FDT8Z HC9651FUP8Z
HC2216FKP14H HC6400FDS8H HC8304FKN16H HC8900FUN26Z HC9600FKN13H HC9651FUS16H
HC2216FKP4H HC6400FDS8Z HC8304FKN16Z HC8900FUN39H HC9600FKN13Z HC9651FUS16Z
HC2216FKP6H HC6400FDT13H HC8304FKN39H HC8900FUN39Z HC9600FKN16H HC9651FUS8H
HC2216FKP8H HC6400FDT13Z HC8304FKN39Z HC8900FUN8H HC9600FKN16Z HC9651FUS8Z
HC2216FKS14H HC6400FDT16H HC8304FKP16H HC8900FUN8Z HC9600FKN4H HC9651FUT16H
HC2216FKS4H HC6400FDT16Z HC8304FKP16Z HC8900FUP13H HC9600FKN4Z HC9651FUT16Z
HC2216FKS6H HC6400FDT26H HC8304FKP20H HC8900FUP13Z HC9600FKN8H HC9651FUT8H
HC2216FKS8H HC6400FDT26Z HC8304FKP39H HC8900FUP16H HC9600FKN8Z HC9651FUT8Z
HC2216FKT14H HC6400FDT8H HC8304FKP39Z HC8900FUP16Z HC9600FKP13H HC9700FDN18H
HC2216FKT4H HC6400FDT8Z HC8304FKS16H HC8900FUP26H HC9600FKP13Z HC9700FDN18Z
HC2216FKT6H HC6400FKN13H HC8304FKS16Z HC8900FUP26Z HC9600FKP16H HC9700FDN27H
HC2216FKT8H HC6400FKN13Z HC8304FKS39H HC8900FUP35H HC9600FKP16Z HC9700FDN27Z
HC2217FDN14H HC6400FKN16H HC8304FKS39Z HC8900FUP39H HC9600FKP4H HC9700FDN9H
HC2217FDN4H HC6400FKN16Z HC8304FKT16H HC8900FUP39Z HC9600FKP4Z HC9700FDN9Z
HC2217FDN6H HC6400FKN26H HC8304FKT16Z HC8900FUP8H HC9600FKP8H HC9700FDP18H
HC2217FDN8H HC6400FKN26Z HC8304FKT39H HC8900FUP8Z HC9600FKP8Z HC9700FKN27Z
HC2217FDP14H HC6400FKN8H HC8304FKT39Z HC8900FUS13H HC9600FKS13H HC9700FKN9H
HC2217FDP4H HC6400FKN8Z HC8314FKN16H HC8900FUS13Z HC9600FKS13Z HC9700FKN9Z
HC2217FDP6H HC6400FKP13H HC8314FKN16Z HC8900FUS16H HC9600FKS16H HC9700FKP18H
HC2217FDP8H HC6400FKP13Z HC8314FKN39H HC8900FUS16Z HC9600FKS16Z HC9700FKP18Z
HC2217FDS14H HC6400FKP16H HC8314FKN39Z HC8900FUS26H HC9600FKS4H HC9700FKP27H
HC2217FDS4H HC6400FKP16Z HC8314FKP16H HC8900FUS26Z HC9600FKS4Z HC9700FKP27Z
HC2217FDS6H HC6400FKP26H HC8314FKP16Z HC8900FUS39H HC9600FKS8H HC9700FKP9H
HC2217FDS8H HC6400FKP26Z HC8314FKP39H HC8900FUS39Z HC9600FKS8Z HC9700FKP9Z
HC2217FDT14H HC6400FKP8H HC8314FKP39Z HC8900FUS8H HC9600FKT13H HC9700FKS18H
HC2217FDT4H HC6400FKP8Z HC8314FKS16H HC8900FUS8Z HC9600FKT13Z HC9700FKS18Z
HC2217FDT6H HC6400FKS13H HC8314FKS16Z HC8900FUT13H HC9600FKT16H HC9700FKS27H
HC2217FDT8H HC6400FKS13Z HC8314FKS39H HC8900FUT13Z HC9600FKT16Z HC9700FKS27Z
HC2218FKN4H HC6400FKS16H HC8314FKS39Z HC8900FUT16H HC9600FKT4H HC9700FKS9H
HC2218FKN6H HC6400FKS16Z HC8314FKT16H HC8900FUT16Z HC9600FKT4Z HC9700FKS9Z
HC2218FKP4H HC6400FKS26H HC8314FKT16Z HC8900FUT26H HC9600FKT8H HC9700FKT18H
HC2218FKP6H HC6400FKS26Z HC8314FKT39H HC8900FUT26Z HC9600FKT8Z HC9700FKT18Z
HC2218FKS4H HC6400FKS8H HC8314FKT39Z HC8900FUT39H HC9600FUN13H HC9700FKT27H
HC2218FKS6H HC6400FKS8Z HC8400FDN16H HC8900FUT39Z HC9600FUN13Z HC9700FKT27Z
HC2218FKT4H HC6400FKT13H HC8400FDN16Z HC8900FUT8H HC9600FUN16H HC9700FKT9H
HC2218FKT6H HC6400FUP26Z HC8400FDN26H HC8900FUT8Z HC9600FUN16Z HC9700FKT9Z
HC2226FKN4H50 HC6400FUP8H HC8400FDN26Z HC8904FKN13H HC9600FUN4H HC9700FUN18H
HC2226FKN6H50 HC6400FUP8Z HC8400FDN39H HC8904FKN13Z HC9600FUN4Z HC9700FUN18Z
HC2226FKP4H50 HC6400FUS13H HC8400FDN39Z HC8904FKN16H HC9600FUN8H HC9700FUN27H
UE series
UE219AZ04Z UE219AZ08Z UE219AZ13Z UE219AZ20Z UE219AP04Z UE219AP08Z UE219AP13Z
UE219AP20Z UE219AN04Z UE219AN08Z UE219AN13Z UE219AN20Z UE219AS04Z UE219AS08Z
UE219AS13Z UE219AS20Z UE219AT04Z UE219AT08 UE219AT13ZUE219AT20Z UE319AZ08ZUE319AZ13Z
UE319AZ20Z UE319AZ40Z UE209AZ07Z,UE299AN08H UE299AS08H UE219AT4H UE219AT8H
UE219AT13HUE219AT20H UE319AT8H UE319AT13H UE319AT20H UE319AT40H UE319AP20H,
UE319AS20H, UE619AN20Z UE619AT20H UE619AT40H

Filter element photo


Q1. What is your packing clause?
A: generally, we put our goods in neutral white boxes and brown cartons. Or customize any kind of packing according to your request. If you have registered a patent legally,
We can put the goods in your brand packing box after receiving your authorization.
Q2. What is your payment condition?
Answer: T / T 30% as a margin, 70% before delivery.
Before the balance is paid, we will show you the photos of the products and packaging.
Q3. What is your delivery condition?
Answer: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU.
Q4. What's your delivery time?
A: Generally speaking, it takes 30 to 60 days after receiving the advance payment. The exact time of delivery depends on
The items and quantities of your order.
Q5. Can you make it according to the sample?
Answer: Yes, we can produce it through your sample or technical drawings. We can build molds and fixtures.
Q6. What is your sample policy?
A: if we have spare parts in stock, we can provide the sample, but the customer must pay the sample cost and the cost of the sample.
Express delivery cost.
Q7. Did you test all the goods before delivery?
Answer: Yes, we have 100% tests before delivery.
Q8: how do you make our business a long and good relationship?

1. We maintain good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit
2. we respect every customer as our friend, we do business sincerely, and make friends with them.No matter where they come from.

Looking for ideal UE619AT20Z Filter Element Manufacturer & supplier ? We have a wide selection at great prices to help you get creative. All the UE619AT20Z Hydraulic Filter Element are quality guaranteed. We are China Origin Factory of UE619AT20Z Filter Element Part. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Product Categories : Hydraulic Filtration Service > Pall Filter

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